sustainable landscape design
for people, nature and climate

Private Garden, East Dulwich


The clients wanted their rear garden to provide a safe play space for their young children as well as a social space for them and their family and friends. They were also keen to have some wildlife friendly planting. They wanted their front garden to look good and provide storage space for their bins and bicycles.

Elaine worked with former colleague Stuart Taylor to devise a plan that kept within the clients modest budget but created a social and safe play space within the garden with an ornamental, wildlife friendly and easily maintained planting in raised beds and a living roof on a new storage shed.

Rear Garden Construction Strategy Plan
Front Garden Construction Strategy Plan
Planting plan for the raised beds in the rear garden
The completed rear Garden
Sensual, colourful, wildlife friendly planting
The rear garden is a safe play space
Green roof on the new shed
Elegant front garden with bin store