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Planting Plans

Planting Plans

Sometime a client only wants to have a planting plan prepared for their site. A Planting Plan is a technical drawing that shows exactly what plant is planted and in what space. They come in a variety of different formats depending upon what the client and site requires and how complex the scheme is. It is important that is can be read and understood by who ever is going to do the planting. The plan is often accompanied by a Planting Schedule which is a written list of plants to procure and any additional planting notes and possibly substitution options.

A Planting Plan for a Private Garden

A Planting Plan for a school pond

A Planting Plan for a large roof terrace on a block of flats

A Planting Plan for private Garden

A Planting Plan for native species plug plants under a large tree in a housing estate

Planting Plans for a variety of raised beds

Planting Plan to show part of a scheme in a public garden

A Planting Plan for a road side rain water absorption scheme