sustainable landscape design
for people, nature and climate

Lowden Road Rain Garden


This traffic island at Lowden Road in London Borough of Lambeth used to be filled with ugly, cracked and uneven concrete paving slabs.   The local council together with London Wildlife Trust and local residents wanted to improve it with planting to make it more attractive to pedestrians with interest to wildlife and within a broader remit of rain water absorption.  Three planted beds were proposed to absorb rain water run off from the island whilst maintaining pedestrian access with a simple buff tarmac path.  The plants proposed are species that can tolerate both wetter and dryer conditions and provide some interest to wildlife with food or shelter opportunities.

A delightful watery themed mosaic was designed with local school children and installed as a centerpiece.  

Elaine supervised a community planting day when several local residents helped out with the planting to mark the completion of the transformation of the island.  All in all a much better use for a pedestrianised traffic island – for people, for wildlife and for the climate.

Ugly traffic island with uneven concrete pavers
The Strategic Masterplan drawing
Construction underway
The watery themed mosaic in situe
Mosaic detail
Community planting day c.Joe Twigg – @avectwigg
Community planting day c.Joe Twigg – @avectwigg
A year later the beds are thriving
An improved space for people, wildlife and climate
An improved space for people, wildlife and climate