MV Vrijheid.

My current garden aka. Gunnel Gardening…

At home on deck

I live on a 1930’s dutch ‘Steilsteven’ type barge  on the River Thames in central London.  Her name is Vrijheid, which means ‘Freedom’ in Dutch.  She’s a lovely old bird but living on a boat is not very compatible with having a garden.  I do stuff as much as I can into pots on the gunnels and the wheelhouse roof and that is just about enough to satisfy me.  For now at least…

Spring bedding brings much needed colour after a long winter on board

I have been experimenting with using vegetable crates for plants


Not a bad result but wanting a bit more tumble!

Stuffed to the gunnels

Bow view in spring

As well as broad beans I am going to try runners and tomatoes this year

Mind your step

Hmm, no, it’s not quite enough for me really and one day I hope to have my own garden again as I find gardening a relaxing and creative pastime – if a little back breaking at times.   Fortunately, where I live has a series of very special floating community gardens that I used to look after but still get great pleasure from looking at and walking through them daily.  Follow the link  for the Downings Road Floating Barge Gardens in the tab above or simply click here to open the page in a new window.

The Downings Road Floating Barge Gardens

...and artist, Ray Newells, impression of my boat at the moorings.