I really enjoy the teaching work that I do.   As well as hopefully contributing to other people’s knowledge of landscape and urban biodiversity issues that are important to me, it helps me to clarify my knowledge and experience and  gives me new perspectives.   Teaching also keeps me on my toes as students ask questions and I have to be able  to answer them!

See the drop down menu above for more information on my teaching work or click on the highlighted text following to open the pages in seperate windows.  Sadly, I no longer  spend a day a week teaching trainees on the London Wildlife Trust Centre for Wildlife Gardening Garden Management and Landscape Trainee Scheme.  I have compiled a series of presentations on garden and urban biodiversity subjects and also run one day courses in basic principles of landscape design.  I have been a guest lecturer for 2nd and 3rd year architecture students at the university of East London on an Urban Biodiversity project and  I am currently developing a workshop programe for the London College of Fashion to encourage their fashion and media students to participate in the  developement and design of the landscape. 

I would like to broaden my teaching range so please contact me if you would like to discuss a one off course or presentation or a longer programe on general design principles or issues concerning design for urban biodiversity.