Centre for Wildlife Gardening

CWG Meadow

Throughout my time with London Wildlife Trust, I supervised the management of their award winning Centre for Wildlife Gardening, which was a delightful demonstration wildlife garden in East Dulwich. The garden was about a half acre in size and had a series of typical garden habitats such as meadow, living roofs, ponds, planted beds, compost, food growing and herbs, which we managed for optimal biodiversity, sustainable practice and community enjoyment and education.   The gardens represented a more traditional view of wildlife gardening and design as a very naturalistic process with measured intervention.   I managed and learnt a great deal about UK native species from the gardens for 4 years and feel privileged to have contributed to their ongoing value to wildlife and community.

Initially I managed the gardens with volunteers from a range of backgrounds.  Laterly the garden maintenance was been mostly achieved through my work with the trainees on the weekly Centre for Wildlife Gardening Garden Management and Landscape Trainee Scheme that I set up and managed.  It was a weekly project that aimed to show the trainees issues about public and private garden maintenance within a wildlife friendly and sustainable context as well as broader urban biodiversity landscape issues.  We did this through class room based teaching, on site practical work, site visits and visiting speakers. Please click here or on the Teaching section on the main tab bar above for more information about this scheme.

An early Spring meadow at CWG

CWG garden raised beds in early spring


CWG garden raised beds in full bloom


CWG Garden raised beds in Full Bloom

The chalk slope at CWG

The hedgerow border in early spring

The hedgerow border in full bloom


Pond dipping during Frog Day

Free trees at Tree day at CWG

The Centre is open to the public on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursday and Sundays between 10.30 and 4.30 as well as available for functions, courses and environmental educational site visits and projects.  It is also open for the National Open Gardens Scheme and the Open Gardens Square Weekend.